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Advanced Bank Reconciliation


Who Uses Advanced Bank Reconciliation?

Advanced Bank Reconciliation for Microsoft Dynamics GP is used by a wide variety of companies, but is most popular with companies processing a high-volume of transactions, multiple bank accounts and/or multiple general ledger accounts that need to be reconciled for point-in-time balanced bank statements and audit trail capabilities. 

Types of customers that use Advanced Bank Reconciliation include: 
  • Companies with high transaction volumes like retailers and restaurants
  • Companies with multiple bank accounts
  • Companies with multiple general ledger cash accounts
  • Multi-location and multi-national companies

Summary of Nolan Advanced Bank Reconciliation Features

Advanced Bank Reconciliation replaces the standard Bank Reconciliation module included with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Customers choose Advanced Bank Reconciliation for Microsoft Dynamics GP because it:
  • Automatically reconciles posted GL transactions with or without GP Checkbook IDs to an imported bank statement
  • Supports multiple banks
  • Supports multiple general ledger accounts assigned to each bank account
  • Offers multi-currency support
  • Imports electronic bank statements in multiple formats including CSV and BAI
  • Includes flexible user-based automatic-matching and grouping rules

Advanced Bank Reconciliation reduces the amount of time you need to spend reconciling your bank accounts.

Why use Advanced Bank Reconciliation?

Let’s face it.  Bank reconciliation can be tedious administrative work.  And it can be complicated when there are so many moving parts – lots of transactions, multiple banks and multiple accounts.  But no matter how complicated, the bank reconciliation has to be done…and done right.  Advanced Bank Reconciliation speeds up the process, while ensuring accuracy.
Transactions are imported from the bank and extracted directly from the general ledger.  Automated matching can be used to reconcile the majority of transactions with the minimum of effort. Flexible matching and grouping rules are user-definable, ensuring that they can be tailored to produce the most accurate results. With its many automated and time-saving features, Advanced Bank Reconciliation makes reconciliation a much easier task.

Is Advanced Bank Reconciliation a good fit?

1.      Do you have challenges around managing your cash positions?
2.      Are you doing some of your bank reconciliation processes in Excel?
3.      Do you have challenges using Microsoft Dynamics GP Bank Reconciliation?
4.      Would you like to automatically reconcile posted GL transactions to an imported bank statement?
5.      Would you like to be able to view your GL cash transactions and bank transactions side-by-side?
6.      Would you like to be able to import a bank BAI file and/or BAI Transaction Types?

 If you said YES to these questions, Nolan Business Solutions can help!  Our Advanced Bank Reconciliation module might be just what the accountant ordered.

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