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Today many software vendors are facing the challenge of continuing to deliver outstanding software products while adapting to new software delivery models such as Software as a Service (SaaS). This adds complexity to financing, producing and billing for software licences and related maintenance and services fees. Software vendors need an ERP system that will take the head-ache out of revenue recognition and automates the renewals process, so they can concentrate on protecting their margins.

As a software vendor, Nolan Business Solutions understands the needs of the software segment. We have delivered many innovative solutions that meet the challenges of this market sector head-on and enable our customers to stay ahead of the competition.

Powerful sales tools

  • Powerful yet simple to use sales order processing and distribution.
  • Fully integrated CRM to provide a 360 degree view of activities with each contact and customer.
  • eCommerce for web sales facilities and extranet connectivity with clients, resellers and partners.
  • Mobile communication for sales and implementation teams.
  • Receive leads, send quotes, take orders, etc. while on the road.

Billing and revenue recognition management

  • Numerous billing and charging methods including: - retainers, fixed price, cost plus, and time & material charging.
  • Supports key revenue recognition standards.
  • Automated revenue calculation.
  • Automated billing to enable the system to suggest the proposed billing by Client, Contract, Reseller, Partner, etc.  This can be amended prior to final billing being sent.

Renewals and maintenance

  • Drive renewals off contract end date.
  • Create co-terminus-based contracts.
  • Include uplift amounts, which can be generated at a predetermined time.
  • Fully integrated service modules to control support contracts and activities for help desk consultants.

Analyse business performance

  • Standard utilisation and profitability reports by Client, Contract, Reseller, Partner, etc.
  • Full integration with financial ledgers to ensure “one version of the truth” when reporting.

Nolan Business Solutions has the industry expertise to help software vendors take advantage of market opportunities, whilst maintaining high levels of customer retention and protecting their margins.

Nolan Business Solutions Software Vendor Industry recommended list of most popular products image  Nolan Business Solutions recommended list of most popular products for Software Vendor Sector

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