Microsoft Dynamics GP modules

Microsoft Dynamics GP Modules with Nolan Business Solutions

Nolan Business Solutions’ Microsoft Dynamics GP modules extend the power of Dynamics GP and help to further streamline business processes. With over 18 years’ experience in developing Microsoft Dynamics modules, which are embedded in Dynamics GP system, you can be certain that they will help you to save time and reduce costs.

Advanced Bank Reconciliation Statement Direct Advanced Credit Control Advanced VAT
Electronic Payments eRequest General Ledger Integration
InterCompany POP to SOP InterCompany Postings Sales Order Processing Import
Scheduled Cash Collection Invoice Approvals GDPdU Project Desktop


If you are currently doing some of your bank reconciliation processes in Excel or have challenges managing your cash positions and would really like to automate your bank reconciliation process for Dynamics GP then look no further. Advanced Bank Reconciliation for Dynamics GP offers great payback and brings the time required down from hours to minutes. 
Statement Direct will automatically import your bank statement for direct integration with your Microsoft Dynamics GP, so there will be no need to download or upload statements. The job of reconciliations will be a case of just dealing with exceptions, with the bulk of it automatically reconciled with no user invention. 
If outstanding debts are having an impact on your cash flow, Advanced Credit Control for Dynamics GP will give your Credit Controllers the tools to easily identify and chase outstanding debts. This module could seriously improve your cash flow.
Advanced VAT for Dynamics GP handles your VAT compliance at minimal cost. The flexibility of Advanced VAT allows it to be used by a wide variety of organisations, including charities and Not for Profit organisations. 
Nolan Business Solutions' Electronic Payments for Dynamics GP is an efficient and effective way to lower administrative and payment processing costs. Integrated directly with the Dynamics GP purchasing module it significantly reduces the time and cost taken for the payment of suppliers and employees. 
Nolan Business Solutions’ eRequest for Dynamics GP is an intuitive, functional, internet based procurement system allowing you to take control of your corporate budgeting and spending.
Invoice Approvals can be used as an extension of eRequest or as a standalone module. Invoice Approvals ensures that incoming invoices are automatically routed to the relevant approver(s) via email. The high level of configuration allows Invoice Approvals to be used in a variety of ways to suit your purchase management process.
Nolan Business Solutions' General Ledger Integration for Dynamics GP allows you to simply import data from external systems, saving you money and reducing errors by eliminating the need for manual data entry into the General Ledger, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that your General Ledger is completely accurate.
Nolan Business Solutions' IC POP to SOP for Dynamics GP speeds up the intercompany process, whilst reducing processing errors and increasing efficiency.
Nolan Business Solutions' InterCompany Postings for Dynamics GP is ideal for Not-for-Profit organisations managing multiple funds, companies needing to create balanced entries between companies or between accounts and Government agencies with fund accounting needs. Nolan Business Solutions’ InterCompany Postings simplifies the intercompany process, reduces errors and saves time.
By automating the sales order processing from external systems, you will vastly reduce duplication, errors and administrative overhead. With SOP Import for Dynamics GP you can now deploy your staff on value adding tasks and concentrate on what really matters, business growth!
Scheduled Cash Collections for Dynamics GP facilitates routine collection runs, faster payments and improves your cash flow.
Nolan Business Solutions GDPdU is a tool that allows the extraction of tax-related data from Microsoft Dynamics GP based on Germany’s legal requirement.
Nolan Business Solutions Project Desktop for Microsoft Dynamics GP is a web-client that allows Project Managers to view the status and details of contracts and projects. This includes close tracking of budget, forecast, committed and billing-to-date costs relating to the project.
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