NetSuite Testimonials & Case Studies

NetSuite Testimonials & Case Studies

Customer Testimonials

“We needed development for an online booking system and Nolan Business Solutions understood our requirements from a NetSuite point of view." Jim Hooper, Central Support Team Director

"Nolan Business Solutions just understood our business requirements and what we were looking for. It helped that they have several customers in the same industry, using the system we needed.” Barry Cohen, Managing Director

“Partnering with Nolan Business Solutions helped ensure a very swift implementation and proved instrumental in getting us a more focused service and ongoing advice on best practice. It gave us the  extra peace of mind for a smooth go-live and experts on call to help deal with a new system.” Hywel Gyles, Group Financial Controller, Brandwatch 

"At Premier Print we have to manage a very large and ever changing product catalogue. This meant we needed a system that can handle large quantities of items, and also drive our ecommerce site.NetSuite ticked all the boxes so we took the plunge and migrated from the incumbent solutions. NetSuite also provided a platform for growth, our next project was to replace our website and we now run with a SiteBuilder website hosted within our NetSuite account.

Nolan Business Solutions wrote a custom solution for our Price matrix. This enabled us to build up the costs of each item, including labour, materials, packaging etc., and quantity breaks and to have NetSuite work out the price per item very accurately. This also feeds the website and the sales teams when quoting. This was a fundamental requirement and part of the reason we chose to partner with Nolan as they had a strong development team able to write this within NetSuite. 
Nolan were a great partner to work with, and were able to deliver on their promises, particularly around the complex development we required. We did have some problems along the way, but this was normal of any project of this scale. Nolan worked alongside us to resolve any issues and together we delivered a solution to the business which now gives us the assurance to move forward with our growth plans confident that the solution will support growth. Steve Thain, Business Manager, Premier Print"
“Consolidating data from various countries with each running different finance systems was quite time consuming; it took two to three days a month to bring all the data together and present current figures. NetSuite has made that financial consolidation problem go away, now it barely takes half an hour.” Hywel Gyles, Group Financial Controller, Brandwatch

“The NetSuite training we received at Nolan was very thorough and tailored to our needs. The trainer was very knowledgeable, and all attendees have come away more confident in using NetSuite. Susie Watson Designs"

"Our ability to customise forms, searches and alerts in NetSuite enabled us to match our system to our business rather than the other way around, making our operations far more effective. Total Computer Networks"

NetSuite means being able to scale things relatively seamlessly. It helped us get our accounting systems up and running quickly and easily. Even after acquiring a new company everything just fits together as scale is never a problem. It’s a proper enterprise system with seamless upgrades. We’re continuing to reap the rewards. ” Hywel Gyles, Group Financial Controller, Brandwatch 

“At Distribeauty Ltd we handle a high volume of bank transactions due to our ecommerce operations and were searching for a way to speed up and automate the laborious task of reconciling our bank and payment gateway accounts in NetSuite. Nolan’s Advanced Bank Reconciliation Suiteapp is ideal as it imports the statement files and automatically reconciles the transactions on the statement with those in the bank accounts in NetSuite. It supports multi-currency and has flexible, configurable matching rules. All this has resulted in a time saving of around 3 hours per day! The fact that it has the ‘Built for NetSuite’ badge gives comfort that it will be kept up to date with future releases of NetSuite. Kelly Phillips, Financial Controller, Distribeauty Ltd”   

“The implementation of NetSuite enabled us to accelerate our growth because it gave us the flexibility to tailor the system to our business processes, rather than the other way round. Total Computer Networks Ltd"