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Choosing a new system isn’t always easy and there is no guarantee that once you’ve chosen the system, it will keep up with the changes in your business. Nolan Business Solutions’ NetSuite consultancy services start during the sales process and continue for the lifetime of a system. 

Whether you need a new NetSuite system or have been using NetSuite for a number of years, our experienced consultants have the experience, commitment and patience to understand your business processes in detail, ensuring that you will get a system that works beyond your expectation.
Nolan Business Solutions takes a consultative approach to any project and will work with the client to ensure that they get a system that meets their requirements. We regularly consult with clients on best practice and business processes, helping organisations to get the most out of their existing system. 
We regularly work with existing NetSuite clients, who need NetSuite consultancy; their business may have gone through process changes or the original super-users may have left the organisation. Nolan Business Solutions consultants will come to your company and perform a system and business process audit, after which recommendations are made for system changes, training or business process re-engineering.
NetSuite upgrades happen automatically twice a year and with over 600 developers the product is constantly evolving and improving. We often find that when a business has been running NetSuite for a number of years they are not taking full advantage of all the new features which have come along in the upgrades. Our consultants stay up to date with all the new functionality and can help you to look at your business and system to see if the original configuration is still giving you the best ROI on your NetSuite solution.
At Nolan Business Solutions we believe that listening and understanding your requirements is fundamental to the success of any project, however the proof is in the pudding, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your project.
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