NetSuite OneWorld Overview

NetSuite OneWorld Overview

NetSuite OneWorld is the only cloud ERP solution delivering real-time multi-company business management. NetSuite Oneworld’s sophisticated web-based accounting software provides global and multi-entity financial reporting, analysis, and consolidation in a single, highly scalable on-demand business management solution, which seamlessly handles different currencies, taxation rules and reporting requirements. 

The ability to consolidate multiple charts of accounts creates a powerful advantage to enterprises with multiple separate business entities and global businesses with multiple distributed locations worldwide. NetSuite provides businesses with one system to successfully manage their global or multi-company sales and tie together direct and partner selling, support management, and long-term customer satisfaction.

NetSuite OneWorld benefits

  • Better business management. NetSuite OneWorld gives managers and employees worldwide the functionality, information, and tools they need to manage their entire business better and streamline operations.
  • Instant consolidation. Companies with international subsidiaries or multiple entities can increase the efficiency and scope of financial and operational data consolidation.
  • Real-time visibility. With a unified view of the business provided in real-time locally and globally, decision-making is immediately improved.
  • Unprecedented integration and data quality. Because your worldwide business is managed in one application and data repository, there is a single source of truth for your entire business.
  • Dramatic cost savings. NetSuite OneWorld is a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premise ERP systems.
  • Improved forecasting. Multi-currency, multi-national forecasts ensure better sales management.
  • Better compliance and internal controls. OneWorld improves compliance with regulations such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Easy, rapid deployment. It can take 90% less time to deploy NetSuite OneWorld than traditional ERP systems.

One integrated system for global operations eases the efforts of selling in a given country, while providing the roll-up required for global visibility.

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