NetSuite Software Overview

NetSuite Software Overview

NetSuite is a single, fully integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business management solution. NetSuite connects your business across finance, sales, service and fulfilment allowing you complete visibility across your whole business.

NetSuite’s SaaS encompasses Accounting/ERP, CRM and eCommerce and is built around a single customer record on one database, always giving you one version of the truth. And because NetSuite gives you real-time business intelligence it allows you to make fast and informed business decisions. NetSuite has been designed from the ground up and was one of the first true Software-as-a-Service business management solutions giving you a robust, all-encompassing system, which can be rolled out quickly and is truly scalable.


NetSuite Capabilities

  • Accounting/ERP
  • CRM
  • eCommerce
  • Salesforce automation - Marketing automation
  • Customer support and service
  • Incentive management
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Employee management and productivity


NetSuite Extensions

  • Nolan Business Solutions have a strong background in developing SuiteApps, many of which have attained the "Built for NetSuite" accreditation.
  • SuiteCommerce takes eCommerce beyond NetSuite's basic functionality, including forms you can add to your existing website, which automatically updates NetSuite's back-office system.
  • NetSuite CRM is the only CRM solution which is completely integrated with back office order management, fulfilment and financials, giving companies a complete 360 degree customer view.

NetSuite software system is accessible through a browser, providing your users with relevant information to execute their job, anytime, anywhere. You can install NetSuite as a fully integrated SaaS system, working across all functions or choose to run Accounting/ERP, CRM or eCommerce as stand-alone products and add the other functions at a later stage. NetSuite provides stringent up-time guarantees, so you have peace of mind that the application is there when your users need it. 

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Why NetSuite

Employees can move faster and smarter. Customers are served better. Orders can be filled and tracked more quickly and easily. Managers are able to analyse real-time business intelligence across all areas of the company using interactive dashboards. The strength of NetSuite lies in the single data source for all three products and the benefits of this are not only the one version of the truth for end-to-end business process management, but you’ll be working with a single supplier, there is no integration needed between your ERP, CRM and eCommerce systems and you only have to deal with one support contact.


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