NetSuite Reporting

Information is key when making strategic business decisions. NetSuite delivers real-time dashboards, reporting and analytics allowing you to diagnose issues with drill-down visibility to customer, employee and transactional details and quickly take action to drive business performance.

Reporting Tools

NetSuite’s in-built reporting tools deliver real-time visibility of company performance.
Financial and Operational reporting
  • Take advantage of 100’s of standard reports, including income statements, balance sheets, consolidated reports, variance reports and side-by-side comparisons - ideal for internal or external reporting
  • Create and define customised financial reports according to your business needs
  • Easily email, share or export reports to formats such as PDF, Excel or Word

Real-time CRM dashboards
  • NetSuite’s dashboards communicate information quickly, effectively and in real time. Whether it’s your sales team, customer service staff or heads of sales, marketing or customer service, NetSuite equips them with the right information at the right time:
  • For sales: The sales team get instant access to key measures such as achieved vs. quota; actual versus sales forecast; commissions; sales pipeline by stage; % net new customers versus those up-sold
  • For customer service: The service team can quickly identify % calls resolved; monitor First-Call Resolution (FCR) metrics; analyse customers renewing maintenance and see call volume and trends as well as monitor customer satisfaction
  • For marketing: The marketing team gets instant lead to close metrics; number of website unique visitors; lead-generation form completion; customer acquisition costs; and much more
  • For senior management: Get cross company visibility into financial and CRM measures-financial measures such as bookings and billing, sales pipeline measures and customer service performance

Website analytics and reporting 
  • Maximize your website's effectiveness with powerful web analytics
  • Learn how often each page of your site gets viewed and by how many unique visitors
  • Understand how frequently visitors return to your site, how many times they visited the site, and the average pages views during those visits
  • Track returning leads and customers and determine how they're navigating through your site
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