How startups can benefit from using NetSuite Solutions

There’s no questioning that the daily operations of a startup business can be fairly diverse and hectic. With what seems like a never-ending to-do list and the need for more hours in the day, the smaller tasks and details can prove too much to handle.

When startups begin to expand and grow at considerable rates, the right ERP platform provides the foundation needed to kickstart automation, provide clear visibility in reporting, and ensure smooth-running day-to-day operations.

However, many startups and smaller companies feel that only large businesses are those in need of a proper ERP solution – but we know this isn’t the case.

With the use of NetSuite ERP, startups can have their software solution tailored to suit their needs, for right now and in the future. Read on as we explore the major benefits of NetSuite for startups.


Easy customizations and integrations

NetSuite allows startups to seamlessly integrate with the most popular third-party tools and software, without any hassle or delays.

For instance, if you’re using SalesForce to collect and store customer information, you can instantly integrate it with your NetSuite solution. Not only does this make adapting to your new ERP easier, it allows for a faster ROI by automating the quote-to-cash, order management and supply chain management – a huge advantage for fast growing startups.


Scalable with growth

One of the greatest benefits that come with using NetSuite is its ability to scale alongside your business. Here’s why.

A fast-growing startup is expected to accumulate new users, as well as new vendors fairly quickly, and NetSuite will support this expansion without trouble. At the same time, new markets, new audiences, and new processes may be explored, which of course can be catered for by NetSuite too.

Since NetSuite provides a platform for managing multiple currencies, multiple languages and multiple subsidiaries, the ERP solution is perfect for those looking to expand, even if it means five or twenty years down the line.


Flexible pricing

When it comes to starting a business, financial difficulties are one of, if not the biggest reason for failures within the first year. On the opposite end of the scale, though, its financial flexibility that drives startups to early success, allowing them to beat the high odds of failure in year one.

Fortunately, NetSuite empathize with this and unlike traditional ERPs, only make you pay for the modules that are deployed.

With rivalling ERPs, you will likely pay a fixed price for an entire package, despite the want or need to use the majority of what’s there.

In short, NetSuite supports flexible pricing, making it a perfect match for startups.


Single source of data

Unlike other ERPs, which are traditional and non-cloud based, the data visibility that NetSuite offers is clear and seamless. Using a single source of data, information is stored in a centralized repository that can be accessed by all the authorized parties, departments, and individuals, regardless of their location.

But what does that mean for startup businesses? By ensuring all data is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible, critical business decisions can be made faster with the backing of real data, without any delays.


Explore NetSuite for startups with Nolan Business Solutions

Are you a startup business looking to expand? Do you want to grow with software and excel in your field? And do you like the sound of NetSuite and what it has to offer? If so, get in touch with our expert team at Nolan Business Solutions today. We’d love to talk all things NetSuite with you and let you know exactly how your startup could benefit from such a wonderful platform.



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