The future of Dynamics GP and why it's still a great option

Since the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365, many existing GP users, as well as organizations looking to migrate to the platform, have been doubting the Dynamics GP lifecycle and whether Microsoft will continue to support it.

But fear not. With Microsoft’s official roadmap for Dynamics GP published, it’s since been confirmed that the product will continue to be improved and supported beyond 2028.

So, on the back of this update, we thought it would be useful to explore the future of Microsoft Dynamics GP further and explain why it’s still such a great option for many organizations.


What does the future hold for Dynamics GP?


This roadmap from Microsoft shows an ongoing commitment towards the Dynamics GP product. This gives existing customers an easier decision to make when it comes to deciding whether to continue using Dynamics GP.

But what about the new customers looking to potentially migrate? Should you choose to go with Dynamics GP based on the fact Microsoft are continuing its support? Or is the wiser choice with its newer counterpart, Dynamics 365 Business Central?


Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365 Business Central?


Like all comparisons, both GP and 365 have their own strengths and weaknesses. Though, the right choice for your organization comes down to specific business requirements, and one platform will likely outperform the other based on this.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an extremely viable option for many new customers. Not only is it a lot easier to customize, but offers real control over your database. Its bank reconciliation, reporting, and invoice emailing capabilities are fantastic too, and like 365, Dynamics GP can be implemented in the cloud or on premise.

But where 365 Business Central outshines GP is through its fast-growing add-on capabilities, analytical reporting, and other modern capabilities.

However, the fact that Microsoft have confirmed the ongoing support of Dynamics GP, it means the platform you ultimately decide on can better reflect your business’ needs– you no longer need to worry about replacing an outdated system in the near future.


Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics GP

To help make your decision easier, take a look at the following Dynamics GP advantages:

  • Ease of use – Dynamics GP offers a design and user interface (UI) that works like, and with, the wider Microsoft Office system that we’re all familiar with. This ensures users can work productively, increasing the rate of staff adoption while reducing training costs for the new system.
  • Vast network of certified partners – With over 2,000 certified Dynamics GP implementation partners worldwide, you have peace of mind that an expert who is well qualified to support your needs can be found.
  • Spectrum of customization tools – Providing a range of customization options, Dynamics GP supports everything from end-user customization through to in-depth integrations.
  • Out-of-the-box functionality – Dynamics GP is well known for its excellent features that come as standard. From Payroll, Job Costing, Fixed Assets, Budgeting, Multi-National Accounting, Manufacturing, and more, GP has your organization covered.

Dynamics GP from Nolan Business Solutions

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