Welcome to the final instalment in our series of blog posts focusing on the new features and functionality for the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. 

This post will look at the changes made to the Financials module. 

Optimised Financials for your business

Microsoft has taken the time to listen to feedback from customers and optimised the Financials module in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.

Included in this blog are a selection of screenshots showing examples of the new features of the module.  

Copy user access across AA Dimensions

New feature: 

  • Copy user access settings in Analytical accounting from one user to another


Email single statement from customer

New features:

  • Ability to email customer statement from customer card and customer inquiry
  • It will print for the customer selected using default format assigned in Receivables Setup 



PO Generation Open List with new PO's Displayed

New features:

  • When creating from the PO Generation, there is now an option to display new PO's
  • Open the PO Navigation list filtered to the generated PO's




PO Number to Requisition Originator

New features:

  • When a PO is created from a requisition, the PO number is displayed on the requisition list
  • PO number can now be shown on role centre



Print Purchase Requisition 

New features:

  • Purchase Requisition report layout
  • Option from Requisition Entry and Requisition List


Display Hold Status - Sales Transaction Entry

New features:

  • Display hold status on Sales Transaction Entry and Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom
  • Enable click to open icon



One Check Per Invoice Vendor Setting

New features:

  • Setting per vendor, one check per invoice or one check per vendor
  • Remove company setting form select checks window
  • Use vendor setting when select checks or mark invoices in edit check batch



Save Select Payment settings

New features: 

  • Setting ID
  • Option to save settings used to build batch
  • Can be reused by entering setting ID



As well as this series of blog posts, we have also put together a video detailing the new features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. Click here to watch Nolan Business Solutions UK consultant Joe Prior give a brief overview of the key new features that have been released.