We recently sat down with one of our Senior support specialists, Patrick Norton, to hear some feedback on why our clients choose Nolan’s Advanced Bank Reconciliation for Microsoft Dynamics GP and some ways it is making their lives easier (at least when it comes to reconciling things in MS Dynamics GP).


1) Patrick in your experience who have you seen benefit from our Advanced Bank Reconciliation solution? 

     Everyone can benefit. Advanced Bank Reconciliation (ABR) works well for small and large volume clients and across all industries. Upon finishing a recent implementation, a client coming to ABR from Excel reconciliations told me that I was at the top of their Christmas list, after seeing its functionality.


2) Do you see many issues with ABR in more complex client environments? 

     Not in particular, ABR has no modified windows, plays nicely with Multi Entity Management and all is written in Dexterity, fitting seamlessly within GP. Additionally, ABR only interacts with the general ledger table to simplify things even more.


3) To expand on that a little, what about clients with high transaction volumes or numerous bank accounts? 

     We are able to handle clients that have an extremely high volume of transactions and have recently made ABR even faster. ABR is also able to Import statements that have multiple bank accounts in a single file or even statements with multiple company accounts without being required to sign into the individual companies. 


4) Can you give us some examples on how you see clients using ABR to automate processes? 

     Absolutely, there are many ways in which ABR can be used to automate the reconciliation process. We have the ability to group general ledger transactions automatically for many to one situations, we are able to automatically post transactions such as bank fees that haven’t hit the general ledger, straight from the statement and we can set additional criteria to our auto-match functionality to match by things other than amount, such as check number, just to name a few. 


5) What does a typical implementation entail and what should a client plan for timing wise? 

     Implementations in ABR are quick and easy. Nolan includes three hours of implementation and training time with the purchase of ABR. Essentially, all we at Nolan need is a bit of information and we walk the client through the rest.


The following video will give you a high level view of the benefits of Nolan’s ABR for Microsoft Dynamics GP.


By Derek Beaupre and Patrick Norton, the resident Microsoft Dynamics GP experts at Nolan Business Solutions. 



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