What is the best ERP system for the healthcare and medical industry?

As healthcare and medical management companies begin to grow, complex procedures and strict industry regulations can lead to operational inefficiencies.

Huge changes are engulfing the health sciences and medical management industry, which are having a significant impact on healthcare organizations.

The healthcare industry has constantly faced regulatory changes, but it becomes harder to escape pressure to control costs as the landscape becomes increasingly complex and competitive.

To adapt, healthcare organizations must ensure they are able to respond to market changes, customer requirements, and governments and industry regulations, whilst remaining operationally efficient.

But how do healthcare companies become more efficient? The answer could be as simple as implementing a suitable ERP system.

In this article, we explore what is the best ERP system for the healthcare industry.

Benefits of healthcare ERP implementation

Managing a healthcare or life sciences company is not an easy task and keeping on top of critical areas such as manufacturing, product traceability, quality assurance and inventory can be challenging without the right ERP system in place.

With ERP implementation, healthcare companies can reap the benefits of their ERP software by streamlining their workflows and increasing productivity.

When it comes to the actual implementation, your healthcare organization will benefit from working with an experienced partner with proven processes to ensure a successful health care management implementation, with a focus on key areas such as:

- Accounting 

- Multi-subsidiary accounting

- Inventory (drugs (NDC) non-inventory items)

Here are just a few ways your ERP solutions will develop your healthcare business. 


1. Adapt to the changing healthcare landscape 

  • Ensure your healthcare business remains agile by building processes, workflows, and reporting and information needs that are unique to your industry.
  • With ERP, you can easily make future adjustments to your processes as and when required.


2. Streamline reporting and compliance

  • Ensure your healthcare business remains agile by building processes, workflows, and reporting and information needs that are unique to your industry.


3. Improve customer service and partner engagement  

  • Improve response time to your customers with a 360-degree view of your customers.
  • Deliver better customer and partner service with a unified ERP solution.
  • Use healthcare ERP software to smoothen operational processes, increasing productivity and efficiency across the organization.


4. Advance manufacturing resource planning

  • Healthcare organizations and other companies in the life sciences industry will benefit from ERP’s ability to provide superior manufacturing resource planning.
  • Use ERP to help manufacturing production processes become more efficient and become more flexible with better supply chain management.


5. Improve operational efficiencies

  • Improve profitability with reduced wastage, optimized material usage, and better inventory management.
  • Healthcare ERP software can be used for end-to-end traceability purposes, from the raw material to the finished product, through to distribution.
  • Complete overview of your suppliers’ activity, including data such as past purchase history.


6. Improve visibility

  • Role-based and easy-to-customize dashboards, which provide real-time access to key business data.
  • Enhanced visibility enables prompt decisions across your entire healthcare organization. 

Whether you run a hospital, nursing home or physical therapy clinic, NetSuite and Nolan Business Solutions can provide you with the perfect solution to manage your organization. Learn more about why digital transformation is redefining the future of healthcare organizations by downloading the eBook, here


Best ERP system for healthcare and medical management

So, what is the best healthcare and medical management ERP system? There are lots of great choices out there, but the best ERP system for your business depends on a few important factors:

  • Size of your organization

  • Growth stage of your organization

  • Features you need to perform tasks

Once you know the answer to this, you can begin looking around and comparing ERP systems to find which is the right fit for your business. NetSuite is a popular choice for small and medium healthcare companies that are quickly growing.

NetSuite caters to those looking for integrated financials, supply chain, inventory, quality, and manufacturing in their Cloud-based ERP system.

NetSuite ERP has been used by many startup life science organizations that are in the research and development stage.

They use NetSuite for financial management, project management and inventory monitoring.

At Nolan Business Solutions, our team has been a NetSuite partner since 2006, and we have extensive experience in healthcare management implementations for NetSuite software.


Explore your ERP options with Nolan Business Solutions

Do you operate in the healthcare industry? Are you unsure of the best ERP for your organization? Are you looking for a team of experts to implement your new ERP system?If so, our team here at Nolan Business Solutions have all the experience needed to grow your business in 2022.

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