For legal and tax purposes, Microsoft Dynamics GP users are often required to setup and segregate multiple companies into separate Dynamics GP company databases. But what if all or most companies have trading relationships with the same vendor? What if all cash payments are processed from one centralized bank account?

By leveraging Intercompany Postings (ICP) from Nolan Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP users gain the flexibility of processing AP invoices and payments in one GP company, automate the distribution of expense amounts to other company databases and automatically balance Due To/From accounts between those companies.

Key features of the product include:

  • Trigger Method - Using ICP’s Trigger Method, intercompany postings are fully automated with pre-defined ICP account relationships. As a result, the intercompany posting process is fully automated and requires no further user intervention.
  • Alternate Method - Using ICP’s Alternate Method, flexibility of selecting the desired Destination Company’s expense account at the time of entry is provided.
  • Voiding and reversal of transactions - By handling intercompany posting at the GL level, ICP fully supports voiding and reversal of transactions in the Source Company with automatic posting of related intercompany entries in the Destination Company.
  • Drill-back capabilities - ICP also includes powerful drill-back capabilities allowing users, from within the Destination Company, to view the original transaction entry in the Source Company.
  • Available across all modules – ICP is not limited to AP processing as intercompany transactions can be generated and posting automated across all GP modules.

With these features, ICP from Nolan Business Solution is the product you are looking for to initiate the centralization of your account payable process into one company database while distributing expense amounts across multiple companies.

By Carole D’Arcy, Senior Consultant with Nolan Business Solutions, an International Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV and NetSuite Provider.