A great list of quick tips and tricks for Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite products.

NetSuite Electronic Payments:

  • Send files automatically from the file cabinet to the bank with Nolan Electronic Payments for NetSuite
  • There is an enhanced ability to view, select and unselect payments in a payment batch Nolan Electronic Payments
  • International Wires are handled easily with the Nolan Electronic Payments for NetSuite
  • Approvals and workflow capability exist with the Nolan Electronic Payments for NetSuite

Microsoft Dynamics GP Intercompany Posting and POP to SOP:

  • Intercompany Postings for Microsoft Dynamics GP has 2 set-up methods to best suit your business practices.
  • Both fixed and variable allocations are supported by our Trigger Method. Just use a Trigger account as a distribution account to automate the posting.
  • Manage your distribution needs between related companies with Nolan Intercompany POP to SOP for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • ICP support multi-currency transactions and uses the rate tables that you have already set up in GP.
  • Using SOP Import in conjunction with POP to SOP to import outside sales orders into the PO company and then kick off the POP to SOP process from the SOP Import orders.
  • When using multiple GP databases but reconciling bank transactions for all companies in a single company, we can create a special consolidated cash account in the bank rec company.  We can then set up intercompany triggers on the other companies' cash accounts and set up intracompany triggers on the bank rec company's cash accounts so that they all maintain their individual balances yet roll up to a single consolidated reconciliation account that matches the bank account to be reconciled against.
  • A Intercompany Postings transaction can verify utility to recreate source and destination transactions.  
  • The NCICP Source Document code within Microsoft Dynamics GP Intercompany is handy for when you need to make an adjustment to a trigger or alternate account without sending transactions to another company (ICP ignores that source document code so our IC processes don't initiate when NCICP transactions are posted in the source company).
  • NCICP source document code is using the source document control feature when setting up trigger accounts.  ICP will bypass all transactions originating from source document codes that we've elected to exclude in the trigger account setup window.

If you have any further questions regarding any of the tips and tricks or want to inquire about any Nolan products please contact ussales@nolanbusinesssolutions.com