The California NetSuite User Groups provides professionals a locally based forum that encourages communication through the sharing of best practices and technical solutions as it relates to the NetSuite products and third party applications. 


Top 5 reasons to join the California NetSuite User Groups:

        1.  Gain Valuable Tips & Tricks and Best Practices to Enhance your Skill Set

Every User Group includes a valuable Tips & Tricks presentation; which is usually the most popular presentation. This will give you a better understanding of how the cloud ERP can be utilized and will give you a couple tricks you can take back and share at the office. 


        2.  Learn What’s Working for Other Users

The NetSuite User Groups allow attendees to join together and see how this software is being used in other companies, as everyone uses their ERP differently. Attendees will learn new best practices and strategies that they can bring back to their own companies to promote a more productive and efficient work environment. 


        3.  Guest Speakers from NetSuite

Learn about new and upcoming features, and new solutions that may help solve some of your problems directly from NetSuite employees. Find out what new features are coming before your co-workers or competitors, and how you can utilize them to be one step ahead of the game.


       4.  Network & Mingle with Professionals & Peers

Every one of the events allows for time to network and meet with other users both within and outside your industry, not to mention the free lunch provided. The User Groups even dedicate a special time  where attendees can break into groups dependent upon their industry where they can educate and learn from other users.


       5.  Ask Questions

Have you ever wondered how other NetSuite users are solving a particular issue or how they’re using a specific feature? Instead of trying to look up the answer yourself, you now have a forum where you can ask your questions to a NetSuite community and hear direct, real-world user solutions. Better yet there may be someone in your specific industry that has already found a solution for your problem. 


The California NetSuite User Group is always a good long-term reference. The  LinkedIn groups are like a NetSuite reference guide for important information. You can always go back and search for posts, links, discussions and topics on the page and utilize it as a technical resource. 

Here are a couple photos from the most recent California NetSuite User Group events.