1. It is a robust solution that has depth of functionality. Business Central with the April 2019 release has built on the completeness of the 2018 release of a full Navision in the cloud. Some of the cool features I love: 
  1. Can be run fully in the cloud.  
  2. The depth of dimensions on the chart of accounts. Prior GP users might find this unattractive but I love the potential to slice and dice data with this. 
  3. The product layout is impressive and looks really intuitive for first time users. 
  4. It has an OCR feature, this is an additional price to get the invoice details, but it looks very user friendly. You can automatically post your invoices with the OCR. 
  5. Bank statements and credit cards bills can be auto-posted into the general ledger on statement import. It will first look for existing transactions and create a suggested match. Then you can autopost the new transactions or create journals. This is very similar to QuickBooks functionality.
  6. Has a nice ecosystem of apps to extend the application. 


2. Price point of $70 per user per month is very attractive. This includes unlimited related/affiliated companies. This pleases me to see this price point. It is a bit higher than QuickBooks but Business Central deliveries a lot more functionality with its cloud offering. The cloud version of QB has some bugs around inventory that I don’t think we will find with Business Central as Navision has been around for a long time. The price point also sits a little lower than some of the other competition representing a good value in the market.


3. Interoperability between Outlook and between Mobile. I think Microsoft can really leverage a success story here. For lovers of the Microsoft solution stack, take a good look at Business Central. It has some really neat functionality with Outlook, you can create a quote within Outlook based on the text from a purchase request from a customer. Business Central is fully deployable on a mobile device.


Written by Kim Haythornthwaite. Nolan Business Solutions is a Microsoft Partner and a CSP that offers Business Central.