Microsoft Dynamics GP 

Reconcile Multiple GL Accounts That Share One Bank Account


At Nolan we are used to having people ask us how our solutions are different from the standard GP processes and what the advantages of using our solution are. In some cases we are able to help users solve complex issues using more advanced features and other times a simple change with Advanced Bank Reconciliation (ABR) can have a big impact. 

A perfect example of one of these simple changes with a big impact is how ABR allows GP users whose bank statements include transactions from multiple GL accounts inside of GP. With standard GP bank reconciliation functionality this can present a challenge but with Nolan it is as simple as telling ABR to extract an additional GL account into the reconcile window to then be matched against the imported bank statement. 

The first step is to open the Nolan Bank Account Setup screen: 

By default ABR will populate the Associated GL Account field with the GL account that is linked to the Related Checkbook ID field. GL accounts listed under the Associated GL Account field are the ones that will be extracted into the Nolan Reconciliation Window to be matched against the imported bank statement items. Clicking on the look up icon will open the Accounts window and allow you to select additional GL accounts to extract.  

Once you have selected the additional accounts you want to extract simply hit the save icon and they will be added to the Associated GL Account list and those transactions will be available in the reconcile window to match against your imported statement using all the rules and features of ABR. 

This will allow users in this situation to avoid having to manipulate their bank statement or using other work arounds to accomplish what ABR can do with a one-time setup


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