Integrated Business Accounting (IBA) for NetSuite provides you with the ability to create divisions, funds and companies within NetSuite. This is ideal for companies that have new start-ups, many small companies or funds and they would like to have some basic intercompany or intracompany ability within NetSuite.

Leveraging our extensive 15 years of Intercompany experience within the Microsoft ecosystem, we are proud to be the creators of Integrated Business Accounting for NetSuite.​

How it Works?

We create due to and due from posting transactions and then you can run separate financials for each of your companies, divisions, or funds all within one instance of NetSuite. This keeps you in perfect balance.

You can have a centralized bank account to pay all your bills but send the expenses to your divisions. This makes cash management easy and centralized.

What is Supported?

IBA easily creates the intercompany due to and due from and allows you to run separate P&L’s and reports using native NetSuite.

  • Supports vendor bills entry from the main company to the sub-companies
  • Supports journal entries from the main company to sister companies 
  • Supports reclass transactions between sister companies and capture the Intercompany accounting entries


  • Allows for NetSuite Oracle clients to do Intracompany and Intercompany accounting within one subsidiary.​
  • Postings display on the one GL impact screen for both the main entry and the corresponding intercompany transaction
  • Easily produce balance sheets and income statements within the same company
  • Fully integrated and built in native NetSuite
  • Uses standard NetSuite custom segments
  • Easily manage intercompany transactions and balances


  • Easily maintain due to and due from transactions
  • Keeps companies in balance
  • No need to increase charter of accounts except for the due to due from accounts
  • Maintain all your companies within the same subsidiary

Best Practices

IBA is great for you if you need some basic Intracompany, are using QuickBooks to manage some of your smaller companies, you have many small companies or start-ups ventures. It is also perfect for centralized cash control as you can pay all your bills from one bank account but send the expenses across your ventures or funds.

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