Statement Direct will provide direct integration between your bank and NetSuite, so there is no need to download or upload statements. The job of bank reconciliations will be a case of just dealing with exceptions, with the bulk of it automatically reconciled with no user intervention. 

Statement Direct for NetSuite Features

Direct integration from your bank. The bank reconciliation is automatically performed and your bank account in NetSuite is always shown up to date.

  • Extends the functionality of Advanced Bank Reconciliation
  • Automatically imports the bank statement and matches transactions
  • Reconciles transactions directly to the General Ledger
  • Integrates with multiple banks worldwide

If you would like your bank statements automatically imported and transactions reconciled directly to the General Ledger, then look no further. Statement Direct for NetSuite can help you save hours of valuable resource. 

Statement Direct List of Supported Banks

Call today to see if your bank is on the list of supported Banks for Statement Direct.

Phone: 303 665 9343
Toll Free: (888) 746 1373