Creation of intercompany trading relationships

This module is designed primarily for manufacturing and distribution companies that maintain a centralized inventory. 

POP to SOP provides an automated loop to keep purchase orders, sales transactions, receipts and payments in balance between related companies. POP to SOP eliminates the need for duplicate data entry in multiple databases.

InterCompany (IC) POP to SOP allows for the creation of intercompany trading relationships. It is ideal for related companies that buy and sell inventory items between GP databases.


Intercompany POP to SOP Features


Faster intercompany process resulting in increased efficiency

Reduced Paper Trail

Full integration with Dynamics GP


Full accountability with intuitive reporting


Full integration with Dynamics GP

Reduced errors

Reduce processing errors


InterCompany POP to SOP Demo: 

Business Process Overview

InterCompany POP to SOP Demo: 

Software Application Overview

Intercompany POP to SOP Benefits:

Control and visibility

Create transactions that are immediately visible and updated within your destination accounts. Giving you access to a full report allowing greater control and visibility over your related companies.

Reduce errors

Eliminate keying and control issues through the automatic posting to Intercompany Controls and end-to-end process ensuring that each intercompany transaction is complete and balances within itself.

Saves time

The level of automation you want to switch on is up to you. There is a fully automated option where the user posts the transaction in the source company and everything else is taken care of.

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