With Nolan Business Solutions’ InterCompany Postings, Microsoft Dynamics GP users are able to quickly and easily post transactions between different companies and different accounts with Dynamics GP. You’ll never again have to worry that an offsetting batch was deleted. With Nolan’s InterCompany Postings module, intercompany transactions are automatically carried through where needed and superior drill-down capability provides complete audit trail on those types of transactions.

With its multi-currency, multi-company and multi-account type capabilities, Nolan’s Intercompany Postings proves to be a very effective tool for large organizations that want to create intercompany transactions in one single step while simultaneously updating multiple company databases.

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InterCompany Postings for Microsoft Dynamics GP features

Nolan Business Solutions’ InterCompany Postings simplifies the transaction process between your related companies, allowing you to gain more time to focus on customers.

  • Includes full audit trail with drill-down capabilities
  • Supports differing account formats
  • Enables postings between different companies, the same company and remote companies
  • Initiate transactions from any GP module with the Trigger method
  • Specify destination accounts with the Alternate method
  • Transfer cash between GP Checkbook ID, across GP companies
  • Superior drill-back capability
  • Automatically post and void transactions between GP companies
  • Supports multi-currency
  • GP2016 R2 ready

Streamlined InterCompany process

Nolan Business Solutions InterCompany Postings for Dynamics GP is ideal for Not-for-Profit organizations managing multiple funds, companies needing to create balanced entries between companies or between accounts and Government agencies with fund accounting needs. Nolan Business Solutions’ InterCompany Postings simplifies the intercompany process, reduces errors and saves time.

Nolan Business Solutions Dynamics GP products are available on Pre-Version 2010, if you require these downloads please contact ussales@nolanbusinesssolutions.com.


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