Advanced Bank Reconciliation

Let’s face it, bank reconciliation can be tedious and time consuming, especially with high transaction volumes, multiple bank accounts or multiple currencies to be reconciled. Advanced Bank Reconciliation for Dynamics GP software will help to avoid the monotony of manual bank statement reconciliation in a few simple steps, vastly reducing the time it currently takes.

Advanced Bank Reconciliation Manual


InterCompany Postings

Nolan Business Solutions’ InterCompany Postings for Dynamics GP solution saves countless hours of manual entries and reconciliations. Users are able to quickly and easily post transactions between different companies and different accounts with Dynamics GP. You’ll never again have to worry that an offsetting batch was deleted. With Nolan’s InterCompany Postings software, the transaction is automatically carried through where needed. 

InterCompany Posting Manual


InterCompany POP to SOP

Nolan Business Solutions’ InterCompany (IC) POP to SOP allows for the creation of intercompany trading relationships. It is ideal for related companies that buy and sell inventory items between GP databases. This software was designed primarily for manufacturing and distribution companies that maintain a centralized inventory.

InterCompany POP to SOP Manual


InterCompany AR for Cash Receipts

Nolan Business Solutions’ InterCompany AR for Cash Receipts module provides a centralized cash receipt and apply process for sales documents created in different Dynamics GP companies.

InterCompany AR for Cash Receipts Manual


Sales Order Processing Import

Most businesses today have more than one sales channel, with customers being able to order by telephone, ecommerce website, EDI, email, mobile, etc; many of these channels will generally be managed by different systems. Result: increased danger of duplication, errors and huge time commitment from administrative staff when entering orders into your Dynamics GP SOP module.  

Sales Order Processing Import Manual