Nolan Business Solutions have years of experience in implementing NetSuite and work closely with our clients to ensure that the most relevant approach is taken to suit each client's situation.

95% of businesses that successfully implement an ERP system reported improvements in their processes.

We Understand Your Organization First

Nolan Business Solutions’ NetSuite Implementation methodology ranges from Project Planning through to Deployment. The Nolan team uses this well-established methodology to plan and complete NetSuite implementations to ensure they run to budget and time. 

Our professional services team works closely with our customers, using their expertise and industry knowledge to ensure that the project is delivered in the lowest amount of days and to the highest standards.


10 ways Nolan Business Solutions mitigates risks in NetSuite implementation projects


1. Developer’s Track Record of Performance

Nolan Business Solutions have more than 30 years of software development experience, and has a team of developers, certified with the “NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer” accreditation. The developers have built modules for NetSuite, which have now been added as NetSuite core functionality, such as Fixed Asset Management.

2. Support and Training Provided by Experienced Staff

Nolan Business Solutions provides the clients with impeccable customer support and training which results in annual renewals by the customer. Nolan Business Solutions employs a knowledgeable NetSuite support and consultancy team that has experience in identifying and solving the issues within the agreed SLA.

3. Software capable to fit business requirements

Nolan Business Solutions offerings comprise of a wide array of functionality that spans all areas of your business; including marketing, sales, Finance, customer relationship, support, eCommerce and inventory management. Nolan Business Solutions are experts at developing solutions to complex business process or financial requirements and workflows.

4. Software’s ability to Work with Existing Hardware

NetSuite is hardware independent, which means you not only do not need to purchase or update any software, but you will also have no need to back up your data or spend money on maintenance and infrastructure upgrades to avoid technical problems. This results in a lot of savings. All you need is a web browser, and you’re good to go. 

5. Software Cost

Our NetSuite solutions offer a vast range of utilities that encompass all facets of your business, you only pay for the user’s licenses you need. This means the solution can be used for any number of users and is completely scalable to suit your requirements. Therefore, the total cost of ownership is reduced as there is no payment for hardware purchase, maintenance, upgrades or backups. 

6. Implementation

Diffculty in implementing software can result in a waste of time and inconvenience to you and your staff, standing in the way of a successful implementation project. Nolan Business Solutions consultants are specialists in the field and have expert knowledge and experience. Our implementation approach adopted by Nolan Business Solutions reduces implementation time and removes the risks involved in the process of implementation.

7. Quality of Documentation

Nolan Business Solutions and our implementation approach ensures that you are provided with quality user documentation during and after the implementation. These documents include user test scripts, trainer manuals, user notes, support notes and an online help centre. Plus, NetSuite’s help centre and Suite Answers together give you a comprehensive library of documents and videos to answer all of you specific questions.

8. Functionality of Software

Nolan Business Solutions implementation approach consists of an analysis phase which seeks to compare the needs of your business with the features and functions provided by its NetSuite solutions to identify any discrepancies. Nolan Business Solutions highly experienced development and consultancy teams seek to fill these gaps and remove the discrepancies to achieve maximum functionality that fit your specific needs.

9. Ease of Use

To be successful, any software needs to be easy to use. No matter how much functionality you pack in, if it is too complicated, it becomes ineffectual. Since NetSuite is an online software service which is meant to be used from various devices, its interface is highly intuitive and its forms, reports, workflows and programs are specifically built to adapt to any screen, time frame and situation.

10. Growth Potential of Software

A great strength of any software is to grow with your business. Nolan Business Solutions is set out to support business growth by providing intelligent solutions utilising a scalable platform. Nolan Business Solutions offers just this in its NetSuite solutions, making sure you have access to the right software that neatly falls into place with you diverse business needs.