As a Internet/Technology Company you need a business management system that will support rapid growth and be flexible enough to adapt and evolve as your business takes off. A cloud-based system enables you to concentrate on growing your business without worrying if the system will scale quickly enough to keep up.

Internet/Technology Companies often have relatively complex regulatory and financial requirements due to operating in multiple countries and currencies. It is crucial that the business management suite can support global rollouts, multiple languages, local tax legislation, multi book reporting and advanced revenue management.

Getting the Right System in Place

It is essential to get the right system in place from the start as changing systems after a few years of trading is time consuming, and unnecessary if you get it right from the outset. With our cloud-based systems you can start small and quickly add users and functionality as your business grows. If you build solid foundations your business will be more attractive to investors. It will be easier to attract funding and you will be able to scale without painful upgrades.

Save Time

All too often startups buy several low-end systems and then waste time trying to integrate them together. For example, why buy separate CRM and ERP solutions when NetSuite can do it all in one fully unified business management suite.

“With the automated sales margin system running we have saved 1 day a week of staff time. It’s been great having that time invested back into the business.Working with Nolan Business Solutions has been great, there were a few issues going live, but these were resolved quickly and efficiently. Our experience with Nolan has been nothing but positive.”

-Barry Cohen

Managing Director Jesfer Technology

Culture of the Business

The system must fit with the culture of the business, after all your staff are used to working in a cutting-edge environment, so you need to provide class leading tools for them to reach their own potential and to attract and retain the best people in your organization.