Nolan Bank Feeds will provide direct integration between your bank and NetSuite, so there is no need to download or upload statements. The job of bank reconciliations will be a case of just dealing with exceptions, with the bulk of it automatically reconciled with no user intervention. 

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Nolan Bank Feeds for NetSuite Features

Nolan Bank Feeds for NetSuite Features

Direct integration from your bank. The bank reconciliation is automatically performed and your bank account in NetSuite is always shown up to date.

  • Extends the functionality of Advanced Bank Reconciliation
  • Automatically imports the bank statement and matches transactions
  • Reconciles transactions directly to the General Ledger
  • Integrates with multiple banks worldwide

If you would like your bank statements automatically imported and transactions reconciled directly to the General Ledger, then look no further. Nolan Bank Feeds for NetSuite can help you save hours of valuable resource. 

Automated and Manual Bank Statement Integration Options for Nolan Advanced Bank Reconciliation for NetSuite

 The two methods below use the Nolan Advanced Bank Reconciliation (ABR) and NetSuite:

  1. Simple Statement Download
  2. Nolan Cloud Services


Option 1: Simple Statement Download

This is the simplest of the two options. You can download and import one statement from your bank with many accounts at one time. Supports BAI and most CSV file formats with its Import Definition mapping capabilities.  

Works for: Bank statements, credit cards, credit card gateways, and PayPal.

Best for: Clients who don’t mind the manual method. Most affordable option.

Price: Included in your product purchase.

Benefit: Cost effective.

Option 2: Advanced Bank Integration

Nolan uses your NetSuite file cabinet to automatically pull your bank transactions into the bank reconcile screen.

Using your bank’s SFTP and a third party integration tool, we can automate and schedule the receipt of your bank statements into the NetSuite file cabinet. With the file cabinet method, we can either receive a rich CSV or BAI file from your bank. The advanced integration has all the benefits of the Intermediate Integration and more. It can bring in complex files with BAI or transaction type codes supporting rich auto-matching and auto-posting rules.

Works for: Bank statements from any bank.

Best for: Clients that have high volumes of transaction in their banks and need sophisticated matching and/or a desire for auto-posting of transactions. It is a hands-free integration that can support complex matching requirements and sophisticated auto-posting using ABR’s template feature.

Price: There is an additional recurring charge and set-up fee for this.

Benefit: Greatest level of automation.