You may be wondering why you’d invest in purchasing additional functionality instead of using what is already available in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Nolan Business Solution recognized that the bank reconciliation functionality within Dynamics GP was lacking in certain aspects, which is why we created ABR.

We list some of the enhancements you can expect below:

Easy Setup & Navigation

  • In a simple-to-use and intuitive reconciliation window, ABR displays Dynamics GP GL and bank statement transactions side-by-side.
  • ABR extracts bank transactions directly from the GL Cash account(s) eliminating the need for:
    • Chequebook/GL reconciliation
    • Bank adjustment entries to be entered in Dynamics GP
    • Bank Reconciliation module
    • Bank Deposit entries for Cash Receipts
  • By working directly with GL transactions, ABR allows GP users to take full advantage of all General Ledger features for bank transactions such as multiple currencies, recurring bank transactions and copy/paste from Excel.
  • When using ABR, cash transactions originating in an external system can be easily and directly imported as general journals, by-passing the requirement to import them as Chequebook transactions.
  • For increased flexibility, ABR works with user-defined .csv import formats for import of bank statement transactions. ABR also supports import of standard BAI formats.

Streamline Bank Reconciliation Process

  • ABR saves time by automatically posting recurring bank statement transactions to the GL.
  • ABR supports the reconciliation of multiple GL cash accounts against a single bank statement.
  • With its transaction grouping rules, ABR can combine individual GL transactions for a suitable match against a single bank statement transaction.
  • Strong searching and filtering capabilities help ABR users quickly and easily locate individual or group of transactions.
  • ABR’s advanced reconcile rules allow auto-matching of common transactions by the simple click of a button.
  • ABR provides the ability to unreconcile previous bank reconciliations when incorrectly matched transactions are discovered.

Enhanced inquiry and reporting capabilities

  • ABR’s enhanced check inquiry quickly and easily confirms clearing of GP transactions, such as checks, with the bank.
  • Historical Reconcile reports can be re-printed for audit or inquiry purposes.
  • With its superior inquiry and reporting capabilities, ABR enhances the management of daily cash position.

Extended use

  • ABR supports multi-tiered account reconciliation where a specific type of bank transaction (such as credit card transactions) is initially reconciled against a merchant or vendor statement with the option to transfer reconciled and summarized balances to the bank account level.
  • Use of ABR can be extended to other reconciliation efforts such as credit card statement reconciliation or any other external type of statements requiring reconciliation against recorded GL transactions.