Most businesses today have more than one sales channel, with customers being able to order by telephone, ecommerce website, EDI, email, mobile, etc; many of these channels will generally be managed by different systems. Result: increased danger of duplication, errors and huge time commitment from administrative staff when entering orders into your Dynamics GP SOP module. 

Nolan Business Solutions Sales Order Processing (SOP) Import for Dynamics GP allows orders, invoices and returns to be imported from external sources into the SOP module of Dynamics GP, reducing errors and allowing you to deploy your staff on value adding tasks, rather than data entry. 

 SOP Import rapidly creates Orders, Invoices, Returns, Customer and Item information from external order processing systems, such as a web order system, into the Dynamics GP SOP module. The import file format features many of the data fields available in the Dynamics GP SOP module and has intelligent defaulting of values. This allows for as simple or complex an import as you require.

SOP Import for Microsoft Dynamics GP featuresRapidly import external information into the Dynamics GP SOP module.

  • High performance import of SOP Orders, Invoices and Returns
  • Fully supports multi-currency
  • Imports and creates customer accounts and item details, as well as update existing information
  • Allows importing of kits, GL accounts, tax information and Serial/Lot numbers
  • Optional over-riding and back-ordering of stock shortages
  • Importing of all SOP user-defined fields is supported
  • Audit inquiry and reporting shows all historical data imported with optional removal
  • GP2016 R2 Ready

Reduce errors and administrative overhead

By automating the import of sales orders from external systems, you will vastly reduce duplication, errors and administrative overhead. With SOP Import software for Dynamics GP you can now deploy your staff on value adding tasks and concentrate on what really matters, business growth!

Nolan Business Solutions Dynamics GP products are available on Pre-Version 2010, if you require these downloads please contact

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