Lower administrative and payment process cost

Cost reduction is one of the main reasons why organizations choose to invest in electronic payment of suppliers and employee. Our Electronic Payments for NetSuite SuiteApp provices exactly that. A reduction of administrative overhead and processing costs. 

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Electronic Payments for NetSuite is fast, convenient and simple to use

Manage the entire procss form a single tab in NetSuite

Supports different file formats

User definable file export formats

Full audit trail

Payment cancellation process

Supports international wires and multi-currency

Payments go out through your bank providing you with security and batch visibility

Send remittance notices automatically by email

Eliminates the need for printing and mailing checks- check printing by bank, EFT, and wires


Electronic Payments for NetSuite enables businesses

to define formats required by their banking software and to create output files containing the instructions to pay their suppliers. User definable formats allow companies to define an unlimited number of export definitions, as well as complicated bank definition and custom fields can be included in the file definition.

Awarded the "Built for NetSuite" native Suite App badge

The Built For NetSuite badge is important. It ensures that our SuiteApps are tested and fully supported through the NetSuite upgrade cycles twice each year. The benefit this brings is quality and consistency of delivery to you. We are also an accredited NetSuite Solution Provider and NetSuite Partner.

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Find out how you can use Electronic Payments for NetSuite to significantly reduce the time and cost spend to pay suppliers and employees


What our clients say...

Save time and reduce administrative cost with Electronic Payments

Integrated, Simple and Flexible Electronic Payments works on the NetSuite platform and is simple to use by only requiring basic payment account details for each payee, such as account number and sort code. It also supports a wide variety of formats used by banks around the world allowing flexibility.   Better Time Management Electronic Payments for NetSuite helps bring the time taken for the payment of suppliers and employees down from hours to minutes.   Efficient and Effective Pay bills electronically and eliminate the printing, folding and inserting of paper cheques into envelopes. When payments are sent electronically, payees do not have the hassle of depositing cheques.

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