Choosing a new system isn’t always easy and there is no guarantee that once you’ve chosen the system, it will keep up with the changes in your business. Nolan Business Solutions’ NetSuite consultancy services start during the sales process and continue for the lifetime of a system.

Whether you need a new NetSuite system or have been using NetSuite for a number of years, our experienced consultants have the experience, commitment and patience to understand your business processes in detail, ensuring that you will get a system that exceeds your expectations.

 Consulting Factsheet

Nolan Business Solutions takes a consultative approach to any project and will work with the client to ensure that they get a system that meets their requirements. We regularly consult with clients on best practice and business processes, helping organizations to get the most out of their existing system. 

We regularly work with existing NetSuite clients, who need NetSuite consultation as their business may have gone through process changes or the original super-users may have left the organization. Nolan Business Solutions consultants will come onsite and perform a system and business process audit, after which recommendations are made for system changes, training or business process re-engineering.

NetSuite upgrades happen automatically twice a year and with over 600 developers the product is constantly evolving and improving. We often find that when a business has been running NetSuite for a number of years they are not taking full advantage of all the new features which have come along in the upgrades. Our consultants stay up to date with all the new functionality and can help you look at your business and systems to see if the original configuration is still giving you the best ROI on your NetSuite solution.

NetSuite Implementation

We worked with Diana Dunphy, our NetSuite consultant from Nolan Business Solutions on our recent implementation of NetSuite. She provided a comprehensive project scope, along with customization and configuration in NetSuite and the SuiteApps we installed.  She worked with our entire team to deliver a successful, on-time implementation. All our data was successfully migrated and she provided on-site sessions for the Business Requirement Document, training and Go Live. The entire team at VEP Healthcare couldn’t be more happy.” 
Cynthia van Hoff, Chief Financial Officer at VEP Healthcare.

Nolan's Success Guarantee

At Nolan Business Solutions we believe that listening and understanding your requirements is fundamental to the success of any project, however the proof is in the pudding, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your project.

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Fixed Asset Consulting

We are the original creators of the NetSuite Oracle Fixed Asset module which we sold to NetSuite in June 2011. We can provide in-depth expert training or implementation services for this module for your business.

Are you looking for help with?

  • Running depreciation and managing Fixed Assets values
  • Setting up you Fixed Asset module for the first time
  • Need additional training or re-implementation.

How we can help you:

  1. Depreciate, dispose and revalue assets within NetSuite for book and tax reporting purposes.
  2. Create assets automatically within NetSuite from multiple transaction types including general ledger transactions, vendor bills, PO receipts, credit cards, expense reports, inventory transfers and inventoryadjustments.

Fixed Asset Management – Acquired by NetSuite in June 2011

Call us today to talk about your Fixed Asset project.