What is Nolan Cloud Services?

Nolan Cloud Services (NCS) is the cloud platform behind some of our most innovative and popular applications. Built on the secure Microsoft Azure, users can access NCS applications anywhere at any time using only a web browser.

Automated to save you time and money

Statements can be automatically downloaded and reconciled daily from not just multiple bank accounts worldwide, but from payments gateways such as Stripe, PayPal and credit cards.


Speed up your month end

With user-definable matching and grouping rules, tailored to produce the most accurate results, you can speed up your month end from hours or even days to just minutes.


Save your finance team time

With month end only taking a matter of minutes your finance team can now focus their attention on other important tasks meaning no more delays on work


Accurate cash position enables better decisions

As soon as the reconciliation is complete, you can have an up to date overview of all of your accounts and you can make decisions based on real-time information.